Friday, October 3, 2014

Updates to the Country Cottage...

So I was looking back through my pics of the Country Cottage and I found a few progress pics that I haven't shared yet.  Or at least I think I haven't?  I can't believe it's been since April 2013 that I've blogged about my newest dollhouse.  Nursing school really is the most life changing, all consuming, crazy thing that I have ever experienced.  I was just talking to someone about how much I miss reading for pleasure.  Finding time for minis is equally as difficult.

Above is another shot of the inside of the Country Cottage downstairs.  I am still in love with the 1/2 wallpaper and 1/2 painted walls, but I do plan on fine tuning my blue to match the wallpaper a little bit better.  As you can see my wooden flooring has been sitting out and has gathered a bit of dust.  I still have my doubts about the "linoleum" flooring in the back half of the room.  At least this pic shows the finished bathroom door.  The main front door does still need trim.

And this pic shows the beginning of my bathroom expansion.  If you remember from an earlier post, once I received my modern mini bathroom set in the mail I realized that the dimensions given in the catalog did not exactly match the real set.  The bathtub was much bigger than what I expected and my cozy bathroom became quite a tight squeeze.  In this picture I had decided to expand my bathroom to the size of the outside porch.

I also did some work on the upstairs floor, which will one day be a bedroom.  I found a nice blue and white scroll scrapbook paper that I liked and decided to use it for wallpaper.  Somewhere I have a bedroom inspiration pic that I want to recreate, but I'll have to find it to share later.

I like the way the wallpaper on both floors seems to flow well.  There is so much work to do!!!

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