Thursday, October 16, 2014

More Halloween decorations!

These are a couple of my favorite Halloween decorations.  Not many people decorate their bathrooms, but I saw why not?

The white mat with bloody footprints came from amazon.  I have seen some posts floating around Facebook about a mat that turns colors when it gets wet and usually the picture that accompanies it is of this mat.  It's a neat idea, but this mat comes with the bloody footprints already painted on.  If you've never seen it before it would definitely catch you off guard.

The shower curtain also came from an amazon shop.  I can't remember the search terms I used, but it was probably something like "psycho shower curtain."  There are some other variations of it, but I liked this one the best.  Some of the others just show handprints pressed against the curtain, but I like the effect of a whole person standing back there.  Kind of creepy, huh?

There are other accessory items that I haven't gotten around to ordering yet.  There are bloody hand towels to match the mat and bloody silicone handprints that stick to your bathroom mirror.

Happy decorating!

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Anonymous said...

I love Halloween too! I leave my decorations out all year long! lol