Tuesday, October 7, 2014

1:12 Scale Kitchenette - Attempt #2

Today I'll show you what my 2nd attempt at lower kitchen cabinets looked like.  From a previous post you could see that my cabinets did not allow for very much space.  And one key part that I forgot to include was my adorable mini fridge!  This set was extended so that the fridge fit nicely underneath.  And also it allows me more room to put a dish drainer on top or maybe even a microwave.  This time I did cut out a space for the sink just to do a test fit.  I also tried to create an opening cabinet door, but unfortunately I failed again.  The door you see will actually open, but only the inside section and it looks really odd because at the time I had never tried dollhouse hinges before.  Also the space is kind of cramped and will be even more so once the oven door is added.

Another thing that this attempt didn't have was a countertop.  But as with most things practice makes perfect and hopefully I can only improve my technique with time!

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