Sunday, October 5, 2014

1:12 Kitchenette Attempt #1

Today I'll show my first attempt at a kitchenette.  The Country Cottage is very short on space, but a kitchen area is a definite requirement for me.  I wanted something that included a sink, an oven, and a stove top.  I'd also like a cabinet door underneath the sink so you could open it and see water pipes and maybe cleaning supplies.  In a perfect mini world my sink would line up with the window at the back of the cottage.  There is a set of windows behind my Mother's double sink that looks out onto the backyard and I've always loved the natural light that they bring in.  As you can see I took measurements of the dimensions given for the Houseworks parts before I even got them in the mail.  This is definitely the shape that I want for the bottom cabinets, but I didn't exactly leave myself any space for a dish drainer or other necessary items that belong on the countertop.  

I also wanted upper cabinets.  I imagined them with two opening cabinet doors, one on each side.  In the middle I wanted to recreate something that I had seen in other minis.  I wanted an area to stand pretty dishes up on their sides and also a place to hang mugs.  If this cabinet were in my real house these would probably be the dishes that were only used on special occasions!

So here is a shot of where I imagined the kitchenette would line up in the cottage.  As you can see I went with a light yellow color, which was very similar to the vanilla color that the ceiling is painted with.  I wanted a nice glossy white countertop and I painted the trim on bottom to match.  One thing that you'll definitely notice is that my cabinets don't go over far enough to where my sink will line up with the window...

And this shot shows how I want the mugs to hang.  The tea set that I bought from Hobby Lobby has 6 cups so I don't know exactly how I will have them lined up, but right now 2 cups fit well on each stick (I have no idea what you would call these?). I also tried adding some ruffly looking fabric for the cabinet doors.  I love this fabric, but I don't know exactly how well this matches the rest of my colors.  Also I have no idea how to make opening cabinet doors so for now my cabinet doors are glued shut.

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