Tuesday, October 14, 2014

1:12 Kitchenette - work on the upper cabinets

Here is an updated view of my top cabinets.  I decided that I wanted more color than just a white background, but not so yellow as to overwhelm.  I went with an antique white for the insides.  The right cabinet is missing a shelf for now as it is the one where I want to store cereal and other tall boxes.

And here we have the attached doors closed.  I have finally figured out a little about dollhouse hinges.  These doors open and shut nicely.  There is a gap between the doors and the cabinet when they are shut that doesn't look exactly realistic, but I think they still look nice.

This is a close up shot of the inside where my dishes and mugs will go.

Inside I put the tiny sugar bowl and my plates.  I used glue dots (the kind you can use for scrapbook pictures) which helps the plates to stand and not move around.

Here I was adding in my mugs to see how it looked.  I have thought about adding the tiny cream pitcher in the center, but the mugs kind of block it out and make it look a little crowded.  The cream pitcher may just sit on the counter or I may save it use in another mini scene.

And here we have the cabinet doors shut.  If I did this over (let's hope I don't) I would make the middle part a little bigger.  For now I am trying to fall in love with my mini imperfections.

And finally a pic to show scale.  The cream pitcher is there in the middle if you can see it.  I think I kind of like it, you?

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