Sunday, October 12, 2014

The kitchen cabinets that won't die Part II

And I'm back at it - again.  I fell out of love with the white inside cabinets and decided to try a light brown color that matches the pale brown in my wallpaper.  Above is a pic of still wet first coat.

And a pic showing the entire insides the new brown.

Above is an inspiration pic that I found at
This site has beautiful minis and some great tutorials.  I liked the accents that she added to her kitchen island and I thought I would try to add a little dimension to my cabinets as well.

Here I am adding some trim to the sides of the lower cabinets.

And here are both sides with everything painted green to match.

I also added some trim around the middle section.  Here you can see where a space has been cut so that the oven door will slide in.

And the other side with trim added around the bottom.

And another bright idea that I had while toying with the idea of trim.  I painted the inside pieces brown to match the inside of the upper cabinets.

Here you can see my fridge, oven, and sink added in.  I also added a faux drawer underneath the sink.  I've seen these in so many real kitchens and I had so much empty space above the hole where my lower cabinet door will go.  Even if it doesn't open (because there would be no room due the sink) I like the way it helps to bring the piece together.

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