Wednesday, October 8, 2014

1:12 Scale Kitchenette - Attempt #3

And here we go again.  Have I ever mentioned that I'm rarely ever happy with the way my minis turn out?  Well my kitchenette is no different.  Once again I reworked my bottom kitchen cabinets.  I expanded them all the way around, making the counter deeper, allowing for more space around the oven door, and more space for an opening lower cabinet as well.  I added in all of my Houseworks parts and I like how everything fits.  A countertop will be added with a small lip that overhangs on the front and sides and also allows the sink and stove top to fit down into.

You can also see that I made my first attempt with mini hinges.  I am not exactly sure how to make this work.  I need to do some pinterest searching as I really do not like how visible the hinges are, but at least the cabinet door opens and closes.  The tiny nails are almost impossible to hold on to and are pretty much gone forever if you drop one.  I ended up using a piece of painter's tape to try and keep track of all the tiny pieces.  I can say that I am almost happy with the way these cabinets turned out and this may be the set that I keep.

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