Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sand Covered Mason Jars


I keep seeing these really great links on Pinterest for mason jar crafts.  One that I really love is from an etsy shop that coats the jars in sand for wedding ceremonies and other occasions.  I've always wondered how exactly they did that and after spending 2 days cleaning up our second bedroom (better knows as my craft room) I decided to dig out some of my supplies and give it a try.  The etsy shop jars look like they are made with a very fine sand so they look smooth on the outside.  Mine turned out a little different.

I used Mod Podge as it pretty much dries clear and a large paint brush.

And I had an entire bag of craft sand from Micheal's.  It's really chunky pieces so it's a little more like crushed seashells instead of regular beach sand.

I coated the jar all the way around with the Mod Podge and then rolled the jar through the sand in a tin pan.  There were still plenty of spaces to see through the jar so after it dried all the way I coated it completely again and rolled the jar a second time.  Above you can see the jar with a candle inside so light does still shine through.

Then I started thinking that maybe the jar would look pretty if there was a little more color to it.  I usually don't like to do any crafts with my blue ball mason jars as I love them so much just the way they are, but I've seen some beautiful crafts done with them as well.  I'm lucky to have quite a few as I collect them and my Mother buys them for me whenever she finds them at yard sales or at the flea market.

For this one I just coated and rolled the jar one time.  That way more of the blue can be seen, especially with a candle lit inside.  I kind of like the way both of them turned out, the clear jar with the double coating more so, but I'm not thrilled with either one.  I think the first jar would look neat if I bought some thin brown netting (like you see hanging off of boats) and wrap the jar in it.  And then maybe add something like a starfish tied with twine around the lid.

Actually while looking at the pictures I have an entirely new idea that I will probably wait to try out tomorrow.  After all I've removed Mod Podge from mason jars covered in glitter with just soap and water before so I may start over with these.  I think I may try the blue jar and coat about the bottom 1/3 with a double coat of sand so that it gets that really nice thick sandy look and leave the top portion blue.  Who knows?  Maybe with the temperatures being in the teens around my area I am just dreaming of the beach?

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