Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Coupon Minis

I cut this iPhone mini out of a Best Buy ad.  I looked up the specs online and one of the most recent versions is 6.5 inches long by a little over 3 inches wide.  The picture is a bit bigger and would make the phone 7.5 inches in 1:12 scale, but I think once it is sitting out in a mini scene no one will notice but me.  I used a couple of layers of cardstock to make the phone wide enough and glued all of the pieces together.

The Best Buy ad also had a picture of an iPhone case so I cut that out and added it to the back.  I added a bit of clear nail polish to make both sides shiny as well.

In the middle of all of this mini making I got extremely frustrated with my new ruler.  It's a really nice sturdy metal one, but for some odd reason the manufacturer put a strip of cork down the middle on the back of the ruler.  I guess it was just another way to raise the price a bit and to make it look fancier, but it is completely impractical.  A ruler has to lie flat and straight to make accurate measurements.

So I took a razor blade and sliced the cork off of the back.  Instead of throwing it away I decided to make a mini coarkboard for my cottage.  I used skinny sticks and my Easy Cutter to cut the 45 degree angles and then glued everything together.  I think later on I may paint the border a pretty white :)


Emily Adams said...

I'm amazed at all these little minis you have made. Using pics from coupons is really clever. I didn't realize you would measure the actual product and then appropriately scale it down

beyondbaffled said...

Thanks Emily! It may be a little obsessive, but I love it when everything looks appropriate to scale :)