Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mini Post-it Notes

So today while shopping for a new microwave at Target (ours went caput!) I ended up playing a game of "I spy with my mini eye..."  You know those wonderful shelves that are just as you come in the doors at Target?  The ones full of seasonal and dollar items?

While perusing these well placed aisles I spotted these adorable little mini flags :)  The first thing I thought of was mini Post-it notes.  They looked almost perfect to scale width wise, but would need to be cut down length wise.  I looked online and your standard Post-it pad is 3X3.  The sticky flags were 1/4 of an inch wide so I just cut the length to match.

I pulled out the little bulletin board that I made previously and used some stick pins from my sewing box to make tacks.  I pushed them through the cork and out the backside.  Then I used my metal cutters to snip off the pieces on the back.  Most of the tacks on my real bulletin board are colorful so you could always go back and paint the ends of your stick pens.  I scribbled a little note on one of my Post-its and tacked it up.  So cute!

Here are 2 of my little sticky pads.  I used a drop of super glue to the back edge of the flags to hold them together.  This way the pieces can still be fanned out and pulled apart as needed.

I could probably go online and find a tiny Post-it label to add to a stack of these and then wrap them in saran wrap if I end up using some of these unopened in a store setting.

I still haven't painted the border on my cork board so I will probably go back and do that next :)

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