Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Coupon Minis

In the Dollar General ad there were all kinds of picnic supplies - paper plates, Solo cups, and cutlery.  This paper plate was perfect, with nothing else around it to obstruct the circle.  I cut it out and added some nail polish to make it shiny.  I then traced the circle onto an index card and cut out a bunch of tiny circles.  I then bent them all around the edges with my fingers to give the effect of a lip on the plate.  The dinner sized paper plate that I have at home measure 10 inches.  This mini plate in 1:12 scale would be a 9 inch plate so it worked out pretty close.

I used a dot of glue between each circle in order to hold them all together and then I wrapped the entire bunch in saran wrap.  The pictures look a little weird, but the paper plates look really cute in person.

This also gave me the idea of using my 1 inch circle hole punch to make some mini plates with cardstock.  A 12 inch plate may be too wide to be realistic so I may have to look for a 3/4ths inch circle hole punch the next time I go to the craft shop.

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Emily Adams said...

These paper plates are my favorite coupon mini that you've shown! You made the bag look so realistic too. Great job!