Sunday, January 4, 2015

DIY mini cake stands

I always see these lovely cake stands when I'm browsing through pinterest or etsy.  So the other day when my Mother and I made our craft store trip I looked for some jewelry findings to recreate them.

These are very simple and made from just two pieces.  Once again these are Metal Gallery from Hobby Lobby.  The top doily looking pieces were $1.99 for 20 and then on sale for 50% off.  And the bottom decorative pieces were also $1.99 for maybe 8 or 10 pieces (I don't remember!) and also 50% off.

This is the brass version.  They are just very simply put together with a drop of glue.  You could put a paper white doily on top if you wanted.

And this is the silver version.  I have seen lots of these online painted in pretty pastels of pink and blue and yellow so I will probably try that next.

I think the one on the right may actually have 2 top pieces so I will have to go back and fix that later.  The lovely cupcakes that you see are most definitely not made by me!  I could only hope one day to have polymer clay skills like these!  These were made by RubyRose and you can visit her beautiful mini store on etsy at

Happy Sunday blogland!