Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Coupon Minis

I'm having so much fun with these coupon minis that I decided to make a few more today!  The Scott paper towels label was an ad cut out of either the CVS, Walgreens, or Rite Aid ad - I don't remember which.  I measured a roll of paper towels I had at home, which was exactly 11 inches tall.  I then converted that to 1:12 scale and cut pieces from my roll.  If I'm doing my math right each piece was 15/16ths of an inch wide.  My paper towels are the select a size kind so it took 2 paper towels cut to the right width to make each mini roll.  I really wanted one of those tiny black straws that they put in your drinks at the bar, but I couldn't find any so I used the middle of a q-tip for the paper towel roll instead.  It doesn't give that nice see through the middle look like real paper towels, but it worked for this try.

I used a dot of glue to hold the strip of paper towels on the q-tip and then rolled it up between my fingers.  I also used a dot of glue hold the end of the strip in place once it was completely wound.  I also used a bit of glue to hold all 6 rolls together once they were finished.  

I glued the label onto the 3 front rolls and then wrapped the entire thing in saran wrap.  It works much better than the plastic sandwich baggies I used last time.  I think they turned out adorable!!!  My favorite part may be the tiny bar code on the front :)

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