Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Coupon Minis

This is probably one of my favorite coupon minis so far.  I actually cut this out of one of the Sunday sales ads.  I had two copies so this one has an identical front and back.  It was a bit too long so I cut from both the top and bottom to get a 1 inch label.  Most real cereal boxes range from 11 inches to around 13 for the family sized boxes.  I then used an index card (they are thicker than regular paper) to draw and cut out my box design.  The top and bottom is glued, but I even made the inner flaps to make it more realistic.  Then I cut a small piece of styrofoam out to make the box more solid.

These two were cut from an expired coupon ad.  They aren't exactly to scale as I didn't have anything to use that was the correct diameter to place the label on.  Progressive cans are a bit shorter and wider than your normal soup or veggie cans.  All I had to use was a plastic straw so these are a bit skinnier than they would be in real life.  I am hoping once they are put in a mini scene with lots of other cans maybe no one will notice!

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