Thursday, February 4, 2010

Welcome to a new follower and LAMC V-Day card swap preview!

First I'd like to say hello and welcome to a new follower today.  A. Wright comes to us from Michigan.  Her blog can be found at  She is into both 12th and 144th scale minis.  One post on her blog links to the tiniest little mini dinosaur that I have ever seen!  I so want one now :)  I also saw an interesting book on her blog that I would like to check out called, "Miniature Food Masterclass," by Angie Scarr.  I'm going to have to see what kind of mini books my local library has.  Anyway, I'm so glad that A. Wright is here!

Next I wanted to give everyone a sneak peek of the Valentine's Day card that I'm making for the swap over at LAMC.  You'll have to click to make the card bigger, but here's front cover:

A peek at one of the inside pages - do you see the mini cards?  There's an Alf card and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles card in this shot.  I used V-day cards that I had from back in elementary school (20+ years ago), I scanned them, shrunk them to 20%, and then printed them out on cardstock.  They're bigger than 1:12 scale, but I wanted them just big enough to read

The third pic is a scan of the back cover.  The inside has 3 pages, but I don't want to give it all away just in case my card swap partner is reading!

Adios blogland!


A. Wright said...

Thanks so much for the very warm welcome :)

Kim said...

Jessie- I love your card- your swap partner is going to be so surprised! I just got my card from you too and I love it!!! I hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day!!! I will send you some real mail real soon ♥