Saturday, February 6, 2010

New followers!

My blog now says that I have 51 followers!

Have you ever noticed that blogger isn't exactly user friendly when it comes to new followers?  I mean it's not like you can just look and see who your new followers are, you really have to hunt to find them.  If they don't have a picture then they usually show up at the end and even those that do have pictures don't always seem to be in the same order.

The 2 news names that I can find are morningmuse and CasitaMini.  I don't show a profile or blog for morningmuse but I would like to say hello and welcome!  CasitaMini sounds very similar to a blog I already follow, but I'm not sure if it's the same person or not.  The blog is written in Spanish and can be found at:  I saw some great pictures of beautiful miniatures so I'm anxious to read more of the blog.  I'm glad to meet the both of you :)

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Tallulah Belle said...

I just joined a day or so ago and I appear at the top :-) But you are is hard to see who new followers are on here.