Monday, February 15, 2010

Mini ramblings...

I know it's a bit premature to be thinking about my next dollhouse when my first one is still currently under construction, but I've been in a "thinking ahead" mood lately anyway.  I just had my yearly physical on Friday, I have a gastro appointment scheduled for Tuesday, and I'm seeing a financial advisor on Thursday - so why shouldn't this pattern just carry on over to my miniature hobby?

I have lots of houses in mind, but first let's start with my current dollhouse.  Here's the picture that actually came with my kit.  I won't be going with the red washed out look, but a more aged sort of weathered wood look.  Blah, this picture reminds me that I have so much work to do...

If you would like to buy this kit as well please go to
Another house that I'd love to do and one that I actually considered when I bought the saloon is this one.  The pic is a bit small, but you get the idea.  This kit can be found at  For some reason this kit said "bookstore" to me.  I can imagine shelves along all of the walls and those ladders that slide along so you can reach the books on the top shelf.  Maybe upstairs in the proprietor's quarters there could be his private collection of books.  It could be like a mini museum storage area - stacks of books, statues, old maps on the walls, a mini globe somewhere.  And maybe there would be area for books that you don't want everyone to know that you have - witches potions, wizards spells, the book of the dead - I'm not sure where I would go with it!  It almost looks like there could be 3 floors and that the house is actually open on the side and not the back.  I wish there were more pictures of this one.

Another kit that I'm dying to make is by Celtic Juju.  She (I believe this person is a she) is actually a Greenleaf member as well as I have seen some of her posts.  She makes these amazing gypsy wagons.  Check out some wagons that she has made at this link  I can't remember if I've posted about it before, but I've always wanted to do Professor Marvel's wagon from The Wizard of Oz.  Even just as a gypsy wagon there is just so much that you could do with this kit!  You can purchase this kit at her Etsy store -

Another kit that I would love to do comes from  This one is called "The Barr."  I'm not sure exactly what this one would be, but I love the front!  I thought maybe pet store - with the big window to look in and see all of the puppies and kitties.  I also thought floral shop or bakery - once again with the big window to see all the good for sale.  With a bakery you could extend the front walkway, as if the building sits back from the road a bit and maybe put a set of metal chairs and table in front of the window.  I also thought maybe use it as a tiny pub, in the picture it looks as if a gentle light is coming out through the windows - can you imagine it in a night scene?

So many ideas - so little time - and money!!!  You know we should really start some sort of Dollhouse fund.  A group of miniaturist out there could set up a paypal account (or some other high interest savings account) and pool their money (we could even accept donations - haha!).  And then find a manufacturer who would let us buy kits in bulk at a discounted price (enought to make it worth it for both parties).  It might be fun to work as a group - each with our own house.  And of course we could all blog about it and recommend the manufacturer to all of our "mini" friends.  They would get all kind of advertising - have you ever thought about how many people we reach on a daily basis - all over the world?  The group could take a vote on what kit to do next - for example the Spring Fling kit that comes out each year at Greenleaf.  This could totally work!!!

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