Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More mini ramblings...

I wanted to share a couple of more dollhouses that find inspiring.  I have a fascination with apartment buildings or multiple-dwelling dollhouses.  Maybe it's because we lived in an apartment complex until I was 8 years old.  I just remember it being so much fun to have all of my friends so close - and to have a big playground in the middle of all of the buildings!

Can you imagine taking 2 or 3 of these and making your own little apartment complex?  There would be so many units to decorate differently!  I love that each one of them has an outdoor patio.  One could have a barbecue, one could have a set of bicycles, one of course with a table and set of chairs, and maybe one with a patio garden!  And of course somewhere in the middle you could have a swing set and a jungle gym for all of the children that live there.

I can imagine and entire set of Erna Meyer dolls living in the different apartments - probably the more modern looking ones.  Here's a great link to where some Erna Meyer dolls are sold http://store.dollhousecollectables.com/ernameyer.html.  The links where I found this dollhouse is here:  http://www.thisnext.com/item/9AB0CC6F/CBDF9100/A-highrise-for-your-doll

The second house that I want to share today is more of a "high-rise" than an actual house or apartment complex.  I love this one because it's so big and has so many floors.  Also from what I read there are 4 shops on the first level.  You could do some many things with this!  Once again you'd have at least 5 different units to decorate - all differently!  This is the only picture that I have ever found of this particular house, but it looks like there is either an elevator shaft or maybe stairwell exit on the roof.  That's just one more floor of space that I could use!  There could be a roof top garden with some lovely benches and of course a railing to go around the edge.  And in the shops on the bottom floor you could do just about anything - a small cafe, a post office satellite site , a dry cleaners, or even a florist.  Depending on how you built it you could maybe add a basement underground.  I would use that space for a laundry mat (with little washers and dryers and folding stations) and a little caged area for storage and also the furnace!

This particular dollhouse came out sometime in the 70's from what I can find out.  It can't be purchased anywhere now, but here is the link where I found more information -http://minimodern.blogspot.com/2007/09/some-modern-dollhouse-plans.html.  It seems that every few years the plans for this high rise will show up on Ebay.  How I would love to get my hands on a set of those!


kathi said...

Hi! These houses are a bit like the one I've been dreaming of building with my son. I really like the "high rise" especially! Lots of spaces to decorate - so many possibilities. Thanks for sharing them!

Kim said...

oh my, I am LOVING that second high rise!!! good thing you can no longer buy it- I would have another dollhouse kit stored under my bed for sure! Thanks for all the great links Jessie!!

beyondbaffled said...

You're welcome guys! I am dreaming of a high rise as well!