Thursday, February 18, 2010

New minis in the mail!

I wanted to share some great new minis that I received in the mail the other day.  I do online surveys on the side to earn a little bit (very little) of extra money.  Most survey sites will pay out in cash and it can take weeks to get a check or visa debit card, but most will also let you turn your earnings into Amazon gift certificates that you get instantly.  I usually go for the Amazon gift cards and then browse through the minis to find things that I need for my saloon or for future projects.

This time I got a great stash and I even got 2 things off of my wish list!  If you haven't noticed already after I changed my blog background I started a running "wish list" down the left hand side of my blog.  Now I'll have to update that as well.

Now on to the minis!

First we have this beautiful wardrobe.  I want to use this to make a special mini for my sister.

As you can the inside of the wardrobe is not as appealing.  Did they just decide to not sand or paint the inside?!

This next one is from my wish list.  I just love this piggy bank!!!  I had one similar (and larger) when I was a kid.  Don't you just love this pic?  I wish I had a mini penny that I could have just hanging out of the little slot!

As you can see Olive has already laid claim to my piggy bank.  I don't think I'll be getting this one back :(  As you can see here she was peering in to see if there was any money inside!  Please pardon the fact that she's running around in her panties - she just got out of the bath.  You know how hard it is to keep toddlers dressed!

Below is what happened when I pulled the next mini out of the box.
My Mother: "Oh, a magazine rack!"
Me: *rolls eyes* "No, Mother."

So one twig and a few clips from my EasyCutter later and now you can see what it really is.  This will go with the mini I am working on for my Dad.

This mini is also from my wish list.  It has lovely fish and flowers painted all over it.  I'm not sure that this one would go in a saloon, but I couldn't resist it.  It's just beautiful!

I adore this next one.  It's a mini walking cane and it also goes in the mini that I'm making for my Dad.  My Papaw had a cane.  I have fond memories of him sitting in his chair by the fireplace with it.  When we were little he would try and "trip" the grandkids on our way into the dining room.  My Papaw passed away in September of 1995 and I miss him so.

This next mini is definitely for the saloon.  I cannot wait to put it right on top!

These next minis didn't come in the mail, but were ones that I already owned.  I collected minis for years when I was a kid.  I wish I had never stopped - I could be so much better at making them than I am now!  I still have a shadow box full of minis in my old bedroom over at my Mom's house.  I decided to bring these home to my apartment and add them to the collection I have now.  The "magazine rack" that my Mom saw actually gave me the idea!

Adios blogland!

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