Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New followers and an update!

First I want to update about a previous follower.  When rejoice80701 first jointed us I could not find a profile or blog for her.  I now know that this is Marilyn from  This is the wonderful lady that made the card I recieved from the LAMC Valentine's Day card swap.  Please go check out her blog!

I also have 2 new blog followers to introduce as well.

First is Julia.  I don't see a profile or blog for her yet (but sometimes blogger plays tricks on me!) so if you do have a blog please share so that I can post it for everyone to see.

Second is Lara.  Her profile says that she is a mother of 4 and that she likes interior decorating and miniatures.  Her blog can be found at

Hello and welcome to the party!

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