Thursday, February 4, 2010

Great day part 1: My Forbes Farm earrings have arrived!

You may remember from a few posts ago when I told you about a giveaway that Forbes Farm Gifts was having.  Although I didn't win the contest I did find some lovely earrings that I decided I just couldn't live without.  And then my income tax refund came just in time! 

This goes along with a couple of my New Year's Resolutions: first learning how to reward myself every once in a while and second doing things to make myself feel better.  And wearing a pretty pair of earrings does make me feel better!

I can't tell you how pleased I am with these earrings.  As pretty as they are, the pictures really do not do them justice.  I wish you could see them in person.  They are beyond lovely.  I am wearing the blue and pink on gold Fairy's Petticoat earrings as we speak!  I can't wait to show these to everyone at work tomorrow!


Tallulah Belle said...

Those are gorgeous....I think I'll have to go check that company out :-)

beyondbaffled said...

You'll be very pleased!

Kim said...

how beautiful!!! Good for you on treating yourself- I know you have been working hard on your resolutions :)