Monday, October 12, 2009

Saturday with Emma continued...

Kitty was very grateful for Jack's help with the saloon so she promised to keep the girls out of his way all afternoon. Emma was anxious to start exploring the area so I took her to my Mother's house for a visit first.

First I showed Emma the scrapbooking table that I made for my Mom. She was absolutely delighted with it and said that she would be interested in making a scrapbook of her travels.

Next she posed for pictures with some of my Mom's ceramic dolls. This farmer and his wife are sitting on the dresser that was part of my great-grandmother's wedding bedroom suite. There was a post from a while ago where I included a picture of my Granny Frye. She also crocheted the throw that the dolls are standing on - and the little snuff can was hers as well!

This is the Victorian couple that live on my Mother's old fashioned record player. My Granny made this throw as well.

This is the little old couple with the potbelly stove that live under the table - and another of my Granny's throws.

Now these are two of my Mother's prized dolls - a grandmother and grandfather in their rocking chairs. Can you see Emma?

There she is!

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