Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My first mini bed!

I wanted to share with everyone my first attempt at making a mini bed. I stayed home all weekend because I wasn't really feeling well so decided to make use of my time trying something new. Also Emma the traveling doll from Greenleaf is expected to arrive this week and I needed to make sure she had a place to sleep! Here is a link to the thread if you'd like to read about her travels so far.
I will admit to not being very good at sewing so there was a bit of tape and glue involved in making this bed. I used a 6" x 5" piece of unfinished wood for the base and I used popsicle sticks underneath to get it to the height that I wanted. I then used a piece of white felt to make a mattress and I stuffed it with cotton batting. I found the fabric in one of those little scrap bundles that they sell at Michael's. I loved the colors and how they coordinate together - they're the same colors that I have in my bathroom. I worked at JC Penney years ago in the home department and I loved dressing all of the beds and hanging all of the curtains so I will definitely be experimenting with more mini bedding.
I think with a little time and patience that I could get much better at this. I also need to figure out how to make a headboard and an easier way to make the bed frame. I may also make some drapes to go along with the bed - I think I'll use the same fabric that I used for the bed skirt.
In honor of my soon-to-be-guest-doll I am going to call this "The Emma Collection."
First is the side view. I used one fabric for the bed skirt, another for the mattress covering or the fitted sheet, another for the blanket on top, and yet another for the two pillows cases. I used a combination of two fabrics for the small decorator pillow. I also thought about making making two larger pillow shams out of the fitted sheet fabric and putting those behind the blue pillow cases. I also would like to try to make one of those round neck pillows. It really does need a headboard, I can see that more now from this picture. Oh, and by the way I forgot to put a penny in the picture to show scale, but the bed is sitting on my dining room table if that helps a bit. And now for a close up of the pillows. As you can tell my sewing leaves a bit to be desired. I am hoping (again!) that this is one of those instances where the phrase, "practice makes perfect" applies. Sometimes I think all of the different fabrics might be a bit busy, but then again I think they coordinate pretty well. I think I would love to curl up for a nice peaceful nap in this bed (if I was 5 inches tall!)
And in this view I wanted to show you where I folded the ends of the blanket. I had to use paperclips overnight to get it to stay like this. I wanted to be able to see the bed skirt and not just have the blanket hanging over the edge.
And finally a view from the top. Somebody please help me figure out how to make a headboard! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pics and I hope Emma will like the special bed that I made for her. Bye for now everyone :)

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