Sunday, October 18, 2009

Emma's gifts

Pretty soon it will be time for Emma to travel on to her next destination so I've been working on some special gifts for her to take along with her. This evening Emma, Jack, Kitty, Sophie, and Olive all went to a local photographer and had a family portrait made. Given that Kitty lives in a saloon in the old west the picture looks somewhat like one of those old-timey sepia portraits. I framed the picture and asked Emma to she be sure it made it back home with her to Elsbeth. I think Emma is going to miss us just as much as we're going to miss her because I saw a tear in her eye when I took this picture. Here's a shot I took of everything that I made for Emma to take with her on her journey. The framed family portrait goes back with her to Elsbeth. The rest is going to travel on with Kitty as a gift to her next host. The potted blooming cactus is a cutting from outside of Kitty's saloon. The caponata colored bottle is filled with one of the saloon's finest vintages. The smaller ruby colored one is a bottle of Kitty's favorite perfume.
And here's a close up of the portrait. You can see Jack, Emma, and Kitty standing with Sophie and Olive in front of them.

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