Saturday, October 10, 2009

Emma's accommodations

Since this is my first attempt at a dollhouse and it's not exactly finished I had to sort of improvise to create a guest bedroom for Emma. Kitty and the girls helped me to clean the upstairs of the saloon and move all of the new furniture in. If you overlook the fact that the wooden floor hasn't been stained, the wallpaper hasn't been hung, and there is no trim around the door/window (or anywhere else for that matter!) it really doesn't look that bad. Here's a view from the outside landing looking in. I will be ordering some clapboard siding for the saloon very soon! And now for a view of the guest bedroom. It's very simple, but I don't think Emma will mind. I tried to mimic the look of a roller shade to cover the window. Also if you saw earlier pictures of the bed you'll see that I've now added a box springs to go with the mattress to make a set. I also added two more pillows to match the fabric that I used to make the fitted sheets. This lovely table with the crocheted tablecloth and the accessories on top are the gift I mentioned earlier from Emma's last host Linda. There is a tiny brown book, a school-themed lamp with abc's, a ruler, and an apple, and also a little potted plant. Isn't it great?! I thought it was perfect to complete the guest room. I have a feeling that Sophie and Olive will eventually be fighting over that lamp though! My b/f David kept asking me why I was decorating with stuff that didn't look like it belonged in a saloon. When I tried to explain it to him I got the same look as when I tried to explain that the traveling doll Emma now has a fiancee. Men just don't understand.


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