Monday, October 12, 2009

Emma's homecoming

I'm a bit behind on my posts here and at Greenleaf as well, but I wanted to try and update Emma's adventures from this weekend.

After our trip to the bar to celebrate their engagement it was time to bring Emma and Jack to the saloon to meet Kitty and the girls. Here they are just coming in the saloon doors. Jack is such a gentlemen and was carrying Emma's bag with her books and her knitting. And of course Emma's dog was eagerly leading the way.

Kitty was so excited to finally meet Emma! I've been telling her about Emma for months now and of course she keeps up with all the news online at Greenleaf's forum. Kitty loves working on the saloon and playing with the girls, but she was eager to have some adult doll friends! As you can see Sophia and Olivia ran right over to be included in the greetings as well.

Emma was pretty tired after her long journey and the trip to the bar so she was ready to call it a night. Kitty showed her upstairs to the guest bedroom. I'm happy to let everyone know that Emma thought the bedding was just lovely! Jack, once again being the perfect gentlemen, didn't mind that we only had one guest bedroom and was happy to sleep in one of the unfinished rooms.

After Emma went to bed her dog decided to roam around the saloon for a bit just to check out his new territory. Even though it was way past their bedtime Sophie and Olive were quite fascinated with their new pal! I'm not sure what his real name is, but I kept hearing Olive call him "fluffy dog."

Emma has a very talented dog indeed. In this picture he was showing Olive that he knows how to shake hands!

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