Friday, October 16, 2009

Dollhouse party!

After the girls were tucked in bed Kitty, Emma, and Jack decided to have some fun last night. There was lots of laughing, some card games, and even a few shots and cigars! This picture is much better if you click to make it larger. When Kitty found out that Emma and Jack had never had moonshine she had to pull out a jug from her special stash! It was apple pie moonshine made from a still not too far from here in Tennessee...(and yes I have a "real" jar in my freezer!)
At one point I had to remind everyone to keep it order to not wake up Sophie and Olive.
And here are some pics from earlier in the day. Jack and Sophie were enjoying some Cokes and he was teaching her how to play chess. I'm going to have to learn how to make chairs for these tables soon because as you can see Sophie was standing on her tippy toes just to reach the board.
Olive seems to be feeling better and she was playing under the table with "fluffy dog" again. I think she's going to miss him very much when Emma travels on her next destination.

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