Saturday, October 10, 2009

Emma has arrived!

I'm so excited! The traveling doll from Greenleaf has arrived! If you're not already a forum member I'll give you a bit of background. Emma belongs to Greenleaf member Elsbeth who started this traveling doll round. Emma traveled to the Netherlands, then through Canada, and she is now making her way back through the United States. Even more exciting is the fact that Emma met a nice young man along the way and now has a traveling companion! But anyway, let's get on to the pictures since that's the fun part anyway :)
Here's Emma as I found her when I came home from work the other day.
And a close up of Emma - isn't she sweet?!
And allow me to introduce her traveling companion Jack. He's quite the gentleman! And he's quite the looker too - I can see why she enjoys his company :)
And this is the box that carried all of their belongings. The small pretty decorative box is Emma's. I can't show you what's inside because it's full of gifts for when Emma returns to Elsbeth. The pink bag contained a gift from Emma's last host - Linda, to me. I'll show you the mini treasure that she sent shortly.
I can't wait for Emma and Jack to meet Kitty and the girls now!

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