Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hello and welcome to our new blog followers!

We have 4 new followers!

First allow me to introduce miniaturista who is from Bilbao Vizcaya Spain. Her name is Maite and her beautiful blog can be found at Looking at her blog I can tell she loves minis and according to her profile she also loves cross stitch. I can't read everything, but it looks like she is building a house called Mansion San Miguel? It looks huge - in the pictures I saw 4 stories with at least 5 rooms each. I can't wait to see her progress!

Second is Alex Pribnow who is an artist/sculptor from the United Kingdom. Alex's blog can be viewed at and there is also a website at I knew as soon as I read that name that I was going to love it! I am a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland in any form or version. The sculptures and paintings that I've seen so far are amazing. And on a personal note Alex's profile mentions using art to deal with anxiety and depression issues. My own doctor encouraged me to find a hobby for similar reasons and that is part of why my "mini" adventure began.

Third is marivigano whose blog can be found at Her name is Maria and her blog says she is from Valencia. Just from looking at the pictures I can tell that she loves miniatures and animals. I think I even saw a picture of hedgehogs! I also saw some mini alcohol bottles and I would love very much to know where she got them as I would like to have some for my saloon! She has a beautiful blog - please check it out.

Fourth we have another Linda! Our new friend Linda is from New Hampshire, US. Her blog can be found at One of the first things I saw was where she used acorn caps and turned them into min bowls. I've used acorns to make mini pumpkins before, but could never figure out anything to do with the tops! According to her blog she has an English Pub dollhouse in progress so I'm definitely going to look for pictures of that.


Anonymous said...

hello, if you say you like bottles, maybe I can get them for you !
Maria Jose (marivigano)

beyondbaffled said...

Yes, they were very nice! Were they very expensive?