Thursday, April 1, 2010

Healthy Thinking Thursday Part One:

This week I sort of had my healthy thinking Thurday a little early - I had it on Tuesday actually!  It was a beautiful sunny day here in Tennessee and on a whim I decided to take the day off from work.  David and I met up with some friends at a local park and while the boys played frisbee golf I had a wondefully relaxing walk around the park.  I took my camera so I have some nice pictures to share with everyone, but I won't be able to upload them until tonight because I have no access to them here at work.  I told David that we should start treating ourselves to a fun day outside every week!  Remember being little (before we all had to grow up and get jobs?) and being able to play outside every single day?  No wonder I was such a skinny kid back then!!

Anyway, the rest of this week has been pretty good as well.  I've gotten to bed at a decent time every single night and you wouldn't believe what a difference it makes the next day!  Also I started doing arm workouts out of an exercise book that I bought a while back.  I've got to start out slowly because I am soooo sore right now!

Check back later for some great pics from Tuesday's walk at the park and don't forget to check out Kim over at to see what her healthy thoughts for the day are as well.

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Kim said...

I can't wait to see the pictures! I actually wish I could go play in the park today- the weather has been so lovely! Congrats on a good week Jessie!! Have a wonderful Easter too!!