Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What I wish Wednesday...

Melly Kay over at LAMC does these adorable posts she calls "What I Wish I Wore Today."  I really enjoy reading her blog so I thought I'd do my own version.  Before I get started though, I want to let everyone know that Melly is having an awesome giveaway and you can enter here.

So do you want to guess what it is that I'm wishing for today?  No clue yet?  Okay, let me show you my inspiration first.  And btw, these really cute bubble frames came from a program called ArtEdges.  If you google it you'll find a free version that you can download.

This week I've decided to try something new with my spring cleaning.  It took five years for this place to get as messy as it is so it's not going to get clean overnight.  So I've decided to concentrate on one area at a time.  I'll clean it from top to bottom and then move on to the next section.  My starting point is going to be the counter where my microwave sits and the cabinet above it. 

As you can see the cabinet stores all of my barware.  Unfortunately the cabinet has no top (I have no idea why?) so the glasses tend to get very dusty.  The top shelf has my wine glasses.  The middle shelf is for my margarita and martini glasses along with my cocktail shaker and seltzer bottle.  The bottom shelf is for my collection of shot glasses, all of the stirrers and spoons, bottle openers and corkscrews, and also my ever expanding collection of koozies :)

So anyway, am I wishing that I could snap my fingers and all of this cleaning could magically be complete?  Not exactly.

Here's a few pieces of my favorite barware to help clue you in...

(These are my absolute favorite stirrers!  I love olives and I've had these sturdy little guys for years!)

(Layering spoon - essential item)

(I love the little guy taking a siesta on these margarita glasses!)

(My favorite flask - and yes, I have more than one.  This one says "In Case Of Emergency Unscrew Cap."  It also says Lucifer, but that's a completely different story altogether)

So now do you know what I'm wishing for?   As the song says, "It's 5 o'clock somewhere..." - I'm just wishing that "somewhere" was here and now!  Oh well, maybe after work ;)

Cheers everyone and have a happy Wednesday!

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