Friday, April 16, 2010

Family Photo Friday :)

I've been trying something new with my blog this week.  Since I don't really have any money to spend on minis right now I've been trying out a new topic each day.  So far I'm really having fun with it :)

Today I'd like to share some old family photos.  I may have mentioned it before, but my Mother has me scanning all of her old black and white pictures.  Once we're done I'll burn them all to a cd and make copies for other family members.  These are so much fun!  Some of the people I recognize and some I have to get my Mom to tell me who they are.  The ones I want to share today are of my Mamaw Dorothy Gentry - my maternal grandmother.  You should be able to click the pictures to make them bigger.

L - R:  Mary, James, Martha, Rachel, and George Short
L - R:  My Mamaw, her father, mother, sister, and brother

I think this is such a lovely family photo!  I just wish I knew the year it was taken and where.  As you can see the picture has been through quite alot.  It is yellow and faded and has also been torn at some point and then someone tried to repair it.  The paper itself is not glossy like a modern photo and it's very thick as well - more so than cardstock.  I never met James or Martha, but I was lucky enough to have my Mamaw around until 1995 when I was 15 years old.  I was also fortunate enough to met Rachel and George many times as well.

Mary Dorothy Lee Short Gentry

Here's a close-up of my Mamaw.  Isn't she beautiful!  For years I have admired the hat that she is wearing in this photo.  It would please me to no end to have one like it.  I've googled around looking for it, but since I don't know the exact year of the photo it's hard to find out what kind of hats would have been fashionable at the time.  By the way, my Mamaw and I share the same middle name - Lee.

Mary Dorothy Lee Gentry Short

This is another photo of my Mamaw, but I believe she was a bit younger in this one.  I love everything about this photo!  I love her hair, I love her face and her sly little smile :)  I love the belted floral print dress and I love the collar!  I wish I knew what color the dress was.  I definitely love the shoes - I wonder if they are Mary Janes - weren't those popular for many years?  Probably my favorite part of this picture is that she's standing with one hand flat and one hand on her hip - just like the way celebrities pose!!!

Since the first time I saw this photo I've told everyone that when my grandmother was younger she looked just like Claire Danes.  If you remember Claire Danes she starred in the tv show "My So-Called Life" and the movie "Romeo + Juliet" back in the mid-90's.

Another hobby of mine is working on my family tree.  I use a website called myheritage that I really like. You can sign-up for free and if you end up needing additional space you can pay to upgrade.  They have many great features and one of my favorites is called Celebrity Collage.  You upload a head shot and they tell you what celebrities you look like.

So am I good or what?!  76% look-alike is Claire Danes!  I also think that it's cute that 63% is Judy Garland.  I have another photo of my Mamaw that does remind me a bit of her as well. 

I hope you enjoyed my family photos and I hope you have a great Friday!


Kim said...

this was a great post Jessie! My Mom has some pictures on the same kind of paper you are talking about- I wish pictures were still printed on it! Something about the thickness feels so cool to me! Your Mamaw was very beautiful ♥

miniannalee said...

I love the old vintage photos. So neat. Plus I also share the same middle name as you and your mawmaw. Its not very often that women have the middle name spelled Lee it is usually spelled Lea or Leigh. I think your mawmaw also looks a little like Drew Barrymore in her early years in that last photo.

beyondbaffled said...

Thank you Kim!

Anna - Isn't that cool about the middle name? Both of my Mamaw's middle names were Lee. It sort of bothered me when I was younger b/c I thought it was sort of a boyish way to spell a girl's name. I live in TN and I always wondered if it was a southern thing - you know like Robert E. Lee?