Thursday, April 1, 2010

Healthy Thinking Thusday Part Two - pics from Steele Creek Park

Just some fun pics to share from Tuesday's walk in the park.

Beautiful blooming trees and a beautiful sky!

Stacy Grayson Memorial at Steele Creek Park Bristol, Tennessee.

The Family Fit trail where I started my walking journey.

It looks flat here, but I'm actually on top of a hill.  Beautiful day!  There is a much harder trail that runs along the ridge of the hill that you see in the background.  It's been a while since I've done that one!

View down the hill at Steele Creek Lake.  It looks pretty, but it's not clean enough to swim in - it's sort of been taken over by the ducks over the years.  When I was little they had a roped off area where you could swim though.

A family by the ampitheater feeding the ducks.

A view of the creek.

After walking for a while I caught back up with boys who were playing frisbee golf.

One of the frisbee golf baskets.

Another pic of the beautiful blooming trees.

Back on the trail again.

And finally this was back at the parking lot.  Tempted as I was I didn't stay around long enough to count all of the rings.


julia said...

What a beautiful place to walk!!! I need to take advantage of our park!

Kim said...

Jessie- these pictures are so beautiful!! I have never heard of golf Frisbee before- how fun! Is that a magnolia tree? It is gorgeous!! What an incredible park!!!! Wishing you a wonderful Easter ♥