Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hello and welcome to more new followers! :)

I would like to say hello and welcome to a few new followers today!  And I would like to thank you all as I am now up to 74 followers - you guys are the best!

First I also wanted to update on a previous follower.  At first I couldn't find any info on chrischronicles, but Kim let me know that she is a very talented mixed media artist and that her blog can be found at

Our first new follower is My Realitty who is from California.  Her about me section says "Just can't seem to keep up with the housework!" so I already know that we agree on at least one thing!  Her blog can be found at  Her blog says that she never met a dollhouse that she didn't like and that she has over 20 of them!

Second is KLC.  I don't see a profile or a blog for this person yet, but if you have one please share!

Third is Lisette who is from the Netherlands.  Her profile says she has loved dollhouses since she was 3.  Her blogs can be found at and  Through her blog I learned about "The Worldwide Miniclub."  You can find out more info at

Fourth is BeautifulDees who is from Utah.  Her profile says that she has 5 children whose names all begin with the letter "D" and that is how she came up with the name "BeatifulDees" - I love it!  She loves crafting and blogging.  Her blogs can be found at and

Fifth is Sara Carlson.  I don't see a profile or blog for this person either, but again if you have one please share :)

Sixth is Mar who is also from the Netherlands.  Her blogs can be found at and  Mar is also part of another blog that I will be participating as a co-author on, which can be found at  If you remember Emma you'll know that I love travel dolls so I can't wait to help on this new blog!

And seventh is Natascha who is also from the Netherlands.  Her blog is also about minis and can be found at

And the last newcomer I almost couldn't find at first.  For some reason if you don't have a profile picture blogger likes to hide you at the end of the list.  Anyway, this user's name is nschaaf.  I don't see a profile or blog as of yet, but I'd love to share with everyone if you start one!


My Realitty said...

Thank you for the welcome! I love your comment, "there is a fine line..." So true, makes me laugh.CM

beyondbaffled said...

Agreed. That quote meant alot to me :)