Thursday, June 18, 2009

Working on my Mom's birthday present again

My Mom's birthday is June 30th so it's about time that I kick this mini project into gear. She and I went to Hobby Lobby a few days ago and of course she thought I was just buying more minis for the saloon. I picked up the chair, the candlestick holder, the wooden bowls and vases, the tiny coffee cup and spoon and the notepad with pencils and ruler. I already had the hutch, the rectangular and round wooden discs and the wooden spindle sticks in my unfinished mini collection at home. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the hutch yet, but the rectangular piece of wood and spindles are going to become my Mom's scrapbooking table. I had a fabulous idea for the candlestick holder for the saloon (you'll see that a few pics down). Now I'm a little proud of myself for this next idea (toot <- that was my horn!). I took my Mom's picture printer and printed out just the index copy of some pictures that I had on a cd. Then I borrowed her scrapbook cutter (I've been driving her crazy with borrowing things) and cut them all out. Some of them may be a little bit bigger than a true 1:12 picture, but I don't think she'll mind. If I was guessing I'd say that they're maybe closer to 5x7 size instead of 4x6. Here's one just to show you all of the little pics cut out and a penny for scale. There are pics of my Mom and my Dad, my sister Samantha and her boyfriend Kenneth, me and David, my dog Oscar, and all of my Mamaw's and Papaw's. I actually don't even care so much now that they're not exactly to scale because they're just big enough for you to be able to appreciate the picture. And my Mother is a diabetic so her eyesight isn't so great anyway. Too cute, huh?! And you didn't think I'd leave Kitty and the saloon out of the fun mini making did you? She came over to my desk to try out the table and chair after I had stained them and left them overnight to dry. She knows the chair goes to my Mom, but she just loves the round table that I made for the saloon. She's ordered two more already! For the table I simply used a wooden candlestick holder for the bottom and two round discs glued together for the top (one disc just wasn't wide enough and didn't look right. The bag of candlestick holders from Hobby Lobby had 6 pieces and was $2.99 and then either 40 or 50% off of that. At most I think I may have paid around 50 cents for the round discs. I don't know how you would calculate how much it cost to stain the pieces (unless I had measured how many ounces were in the can before and after I guess) but anyway I think the table is just as nice as any that I could have bought from a mini store AND even better I would estimate the total cost at maybe a $1!!! Now if I can just learn how to make chairs and bar stools...any ideas?Well I'm signing off for now - I've got to go grab a beer because Kitty's challenged me to a game of Texas Hold'em. Good thing I got paid today :)


Kim said...

Wow- that table turned out great- what a bargain too!! Your Mom is going to love her present- will you be showing pics of the project finished? I would love to see!!

beyondbaffled said...

Kim I will definitely post pics. It may not be perfect since I'm still kind of new at this, but I don't think my Mom will mind :)