Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mom's birthday

Today is my Mom's birthday and last night I did finish up the mini scrapbooking table that I have been working on for her. It actually does remind me of her workspace because it's so messy! I thought I would share a few pics with everyone. I won't see her until tonight after work so you guys are getting the first peek! I'll try to remember to take some pics of her real scrapbooking area as well.
This is just a table top view. There's a red box in the corner full of stickers and bags full of scrapbooking paper and cut-outs of shapes and frames. Then there is a wooden jar with 3 pencils and a ruler - the ruler actually has lines on it, but for some reason you can't see it in this picture. There is also a white notepad and another yellow pencil hiding in the upper right hand corner of the desk. Then just scattered across the top are sheets of scrapbook paper - some with pictures and stickers already attached and some blank. Then there is a pile of family photos in the middle of the desk. I finished two pages in the scrapbook itself and left the rest blank as if she had been working on it. And of course she has a cup of coffee sitting in the corner as well. I included my favorite wheat penny for scale.
Here's another angle from the top. If you look back through previous posts you'll see that I gave the website of where I got all of the printies for the scrapbook paper and stickers. And then of course I used a photo index print to cut the small family photos out of. The box that the stickers and bags are in is actually the bottom of a box of matches painted with a red marker. The wooden jar (which I stained), the pencils, ruler, notebook paper, and the coffee cup were all minis bought at either Michael's or Hobby Lobby. Oh and the little bags came from Michael's as well. I just cut them down to size and used clear scotch tape to seal up the sides. I used clear nail polish on the cardstock stickers to make them look more realistic. And some of the sticker packs I wrapped in scotch tape to make them look like they haven't been opened yet. I'm going to scan a sheet of the notebook paper that way I can print my own off for future projects. Also the pencils that I bought are the exact size of a toothpick so I'll buy some more paint and be making those on my own from now on too.
And here's a view with the scrapbook open. My Mom has albums full of old photographs that she has put me to work scanning for her so they'll still be around for the next generation. She likes the little black photo corners that hold the pictures to the page so I tried to recreate that here. Starting from R-L the photos in the scrapbook are my Dad's parents and then my Mom's parents on the next page. I used some of the printies of cameras and stars and glued them to the pages as well. My Mom likes to write the names underneath in her real scrapbooks, but I don't know how well my tiny handwriting would be.
And here is a front view of the desk. Can't you just see my mini Mom sitting down to work?! And finally in this shot the lines on the ruler show up!
And here's a shot of the chair and the bottom of the table. The chair I bought from Hobby Lobby and the table I made myself. As you can tell I'm no expert, but I thought it was okay for a first try. One leg is just a tad shorter than the other 3, but when everythings on top you really don't notice. I would definitely appreciate a good table and chair tutorial if anyone has one to share. I stained the table and chair twice and then used a spray sealant, which made them look more shiny and natural I think.
This is a close up of the left side of the table just to give a little more detail. I had to glue a piece of cardstock to the back of the scrapbook and I used a glue dot on the front so it can be opened and closed. I love all of the family photos and I think my Mom will be so tickled with them. In this shot you can see a pic of David and I to the right of the scrapbook. Below that there is a scrapbook page in progress with a picture of our dog Oscar. I put a little pack of dog stickers on top to make it look like she was working on it.
Here's another zoomed in pic of the left side, but this time with the scrapbook open. I love the pictures of my grandparents when they were younger! Also somewhere in the pile of pics is a tiny copy of the picture of my Great-Granny Frye that I shared with everyone a few posts ago.
Now for a close up of the right side. I scattered the pictures around a little for this one. If you look close you'll see my picture from Father's Day in the center. To the left of the coffee cup is an unfinished scrapbook page with a picture of my sister and her boyfriend at her nurse's pinning last year. In the upper right hand corner the is another scrapbook page of a schoolhouse with one of my sister's cheerleading pictures and a little pom-pom sticker for decoration.
I actually forgot that I had a tiny pair of scissors to go with the table so I had to move some things around and do one more pic. The tiny silver scissors came from miniaturesandmore through amazon.com. You'll see on the chair a scrapbook page of my parents on their wedding day with a little heart sticker on top and a sticker of a bride and groom beside it. Mom must have went for more coffee and just left her work lying there? Also the little bowl I added in last minute - it also came from Michael's and I stained it to match the wooden jar. It's filled with lots of tiny little multi-colored beads (not that you can see the color in the pic) but I thought they could add a little 3-d element to the scrapbook pages. After my Mom sees the table tonight I'll let her move the stuff on top around however she wants it and then I've got more glue dots to keep the bigger pieces in place. Well that's all for now - hope you all enjoyed the pics!


Kim said...

Jessie- Your Mom is going to love this! It is so awesome- I love all the little personal touches and I think your Mom might get tears in her eyes- I would if someone gave me a present like this! You did a wonderful job- I think your first table looks great too!!

beyondbaffled said...

Thanks a bunch. I kept saying I was so excited all day to give it to her. I told my friends I felt like I was six years old again and I was bringing her home a pot holder from art class!