Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Beer and pretzels

I posted this previously on Greenleaf, but I haven't gotten around to sharing it with my blog friends until now. And by the way if you haven't already joined Greenleaf then I definitely recommend it. The forum members are wonderful people and reading their posts always makes me smile.
To make these I scanned an empty 12 pack of Miller Lite that I had at the apartment. I did have to use a black shirt to cover the box as of course the scanner lid would not shut all of the way. I also cut open an empty can of Miller Lite and hammered it out flat in order to scan it as well. I used a 1/4 inch round wooden dowel from Michael's to make the beer cans solid. And then I took a regular hole punch and punched out tops and bottoms from the flattened aluminum can. I used brown sculpey for the pretzels and clear/white glitter for the salt. The pretzels are meant to be very big because I wanted them to look like the large hand-rolled soft pretzels that I made when I worked at the Pretzel Twister (mall pretzels - like Auntie Anne's etc.). I think with more practice I could make these look much better. Once I can afford more ink for my printer I'm going to reprint the box and beer can labels on cardstock paper to see if I can make the colors more vibrant. I also want to work on the actual folding of the 12 pack itself so I'm looking at other printies online to try and find an easier way (it's really tricky!). Anyway, I guess it's not so bad for a first try :)

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Kim said...

They look awesome! I love them!