Friday, June 19, 2009

Meet and greet with some more of my wonderful followers!

I've been checking out a few more blogs this evening. Eventually I will catch up and will have looked at all of my followers blogs. I apologize for not doing this initially, but being a new blogger I wasn't entirely sure of the etiquette. The first blog that I checked out tonight was from Sandy who is located in New York. She sells jewelry online through etsy and And just let me say WOW - she is really talented. Definitely check out her bell flowers. You can visit her blog at

Next I checked out Traci who is also from the US. Her blog can be reached at You can tell right away that she loves dollhouses and miniatures. And Duran Duran? :)

I also joined Susan's blog at She sounds kind of like me - always wanted a dollhouse, but never really had one and now that she's started collecting it seems to have taken over! I've checked out her blog before and she's got some beautiful dolls and I love the "hand" that helps moves dolls into their houses!

Susan's Mini Talk is another follower, but I didn't see a blog for her just yet. Her profile says that her interests are miniatures and dollhouses though so I know we would get along!

I also checked out This is Rachel's blog and she is from Wisconsin. And Rachel please don't feel alone - I am also a grown woman who plays with dollhouses! I could tell she was a Greenleaf member right away because the first thing I saw was her Spring Fling. Definitely check out her Japanese Restaurant roombox and also the roombox that she is making of her Grandparent's kitchen.

Next I checked out Erika from Sweden. She has two blogs and She likes to make mini roomboxes and she also has a doll named Angela that likes to help her out. I think Angela would get along with Kitty from my saloon.

Another great blog to check out is This is Marlene from the United Kingdom. I knew I liked her blog immediately because the first picture that I saw was of a pub. I love pub and bar scenes because they inspire me to work on my saloon. She is working on an 1820s townhouse and her blog says she has been working on it since 2004. This house is amazing. I also love that she has a "wish list" on the side of her blog (I hope she doesn't mind if I borrow her idea!). She also has another blog which looks like it covers some of her other interests such as sewing and gardening - too things that I also wish I was good at!

I promise to finish checking out everyone else's blogs over the weekend. I told David this is the first time that I've ever had too much to read- and I love it!


Kathi said...

I just found your blog this morning. I'll be here a while! Love your little dolls - so cute!
I really really like your floors too! All skinny sticks, huh? I'm inspired by all of your ideas!

beyondbaffled said...

Yep, all skinny sticks, Elmer's Probond wood glue and my trust EasyCutter. It really did take a while so I'm taking a break before starting the top floor.