Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More great blogs to check out -

I got to look through a few more blogs recently and I wanted to share them with everyone. De from Indiana has a great blog called http://delightfulminis.blogspot.com/. She has pictures of beautiful miniatures she makes that are so incredibly realistic looking. I recommend that everyone check them out. At first I thought the pic at the top of her blog was a real house - the little red metal chair looks just like the ones on my Mom's porch!

The next one that I checked out was Debbie from the United Kingdom. Here is a list of blogs that she either writes or co-writes (sp?). http://debbiestinytreasures.blogspot.com/ http://hericusminiatureshetlandstud.blogspot.com/ http://nikkismagicalminiatures.blogspot.com/ http://theminifoodblog.blogspot.com/ http://tinytreasuresminilinks.blogspot.com/ She has a lot of awesome minis and some great mini links so definitely check out all of these blogs. And her pics of the mini ponies are adorable!

Another blog that I checked out was Tallulah-Belle who currently lives in California. Her blog http://tallulahbelleoriginals.blogspot.com/ has all of these amazing miniature plants that she makes. Check out the slide show at the bottom of the blog for some great pics.

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Debbie said...

Thanks for giving my blogs a mention Jessie.
I normally post about miniatures every day, but at the moment I busy with Foaling.
Mini Hugs x