Monday, June 1, 2009

Checking out everyone's blogs: Part One

My previous post said that I was to "tag" 6 people, but I actually only ended up tagging 3 so far. Once you start looking at someone else's blog it's really hard to stop! I keep seeing all of these neat ideas that I want to try and all of these amazing pictures! I'd like to go ahead and introduce 3 more followers right now. First is Kim from Flowers and Art. She is from Minnesota and has some great pictures so definitely check her blog out. I admit to not being able to read all of her posts just yet, but I kept seeing different versions of this one beautiful picture. I don't know if she's standing in her front doorway looking out as she takes pictures or what, but there is this huge old looking barn in the background and this lovely windy looking gravel or dirt road running beside it - and when I see that picture I just want to go there! She also has pics of her minis of course (check out all of her tiny tea sets) and her blog says she loves gardening.

Next is Meli from Spain. You can visit her blog at And by the way, the music that she has playing in the background is beautiful! Her blog is mostly in Spanish, but she does translate underneath all of her posts (thankfully since it's been a few years since my foreign language classes back in high school!). Meli has some of the most beautiful doll clothes ever! I haven't read enough of the blog to see if she sells any of them, but I'll keep my fingers crossed because I bet she could make some wonderful outfits for my dolls Sophie and Olive.

The next blog I'd like to introduce is Ara is from Texas and is doing the Addams Family Mansion and I am so excited to follow her progress. I'm especially interested to see if she'll be making dolls to go with the house. Her recent post shows a dollhouse that she got from Craigslist for $5 - I'm so jealous! I'm secretly hoping that she goes with her idea of turning the new house into the "Clue House" and leads us all on a mini murder mystery...! Anybody else remember reading The Dollhouse Murders as a kid?


Kim said...

Thank you for the kind welcome! That picture is of my property- the barn is falling down and there are no animals living in there. We have not knocked it down because I kind of like how it looks and it's not falling down so much that it's dangerous- just not pretty. The dirt road is actually my driveway. I am a little bit out of town :) I wish you could come visit!

beyondbaffled said...

Definitely don't tear down your barn - I think it's beautiful! I live in Tennessee so there are some beautiful country areas around here similar to where you live. Unfortunately I live in an apartment right now, but one of these days I will have my own place!!!

Meli said...

Jessie thanks for your nice welcome and for the"tag", can you please le me know how can I proceed with it? This is the first time so I don't have idea!!
thanks again.