Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dollhouse wallpaper,molding, and flooring

I finally found some printie wallpaper that I like for the upstairs bedroom. On my computer screen the background looked more beige, but when it printed it out it had a purple tinge to it. I wasted three sheets of cardstock paper before I finally gave up and decided the purplish color would have to do. This picture is before I put the clear sealer on the pages. I bought 4 of these wood strips from Michael's and I think I'm going to use it as the crown molding around the tops of the rooms. I'll use the Honey Pine stain on these.

And here is a pic of the wood flooring that I bought from Hobby Lobby. The bottom piece is how it comes in the packaging and the top is a test run using the Honey Pine stain. I think I'll use it upstairs b/c whoever lives up there definitely keeps a clean house. The floor downstairs in the saloon will have a more worn and used look.

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