Monday, April 6, 2009

Dollhouse bedroom

Here are a couple new pics of the upstairs bedroom in my saloon dollhouse. David's friend cut the molding pieces into 45 degree angles for me and then I stained them and also some popsicle sticks that I'll cut and use for the baseboards.
And here is a pic of the bedroom wallpaper. I haven't glued the flooring down yet and the partition isn't attached yet either. I still have to cut the paper out where the window goes. I think it will all look very nice once the crown molding and baseboards are up.
I used some old paint that my parents had leftover in their basement to go ahead and paint the upstairs ceilings. It was Sherwin Williams Pro Mar 200 Interior Latex Eg-Shel. I thought it would look much nicer than just white.

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