Saturday, April 4, 2009

DIY minis

I'm trying to save money any way that I can with my dollhouse. I found these minis in my old shadowbox that is still hanging up at my Mom's house. They were actually made to hang on a fridge and had magnets on the bottom of the pot and the skillet. I used a knife to take those off, which scratched them a little, but as long as they're not hanging on the wall you won't be able to see it. The cup stand is missing a cup though, no telling where it got to after all of these years. And I was doing some searching online trying to find a DIY tutorial on how to make dollhouse tables and chairs when I came across a vague reference -
"BOTTLES, ANTIQUE: Would you believe it! There's old-fashioned glass bottle shapes inside of light bulbs...different bulbs have different shapes. Caution! Practice good safety! Protect your eyes and hands when working with broken glass!!"
We've already switched over most of our bulbs to the new compact fluorescents, but I did still have a couple old bulbs laying around. I didn't have any gloves or any glass cutting tools so my first attempt was kind of messy. I'd like to get some sort of glass cutting tool and also one of those crystal savers to file down the sharp edges and then try this again. On another note I did find a neat website that tells you how to hollow out a light bulb (you would not want to to this if you were trying to keep the piece inside b/c you have to break it to hollow out the bulb) And here's a neat pic where somebody hollowed out bulbs and used them as flower vases. I'm definitely going to try this next b/c I think it's a great way to recycle used bulbs and it would look pretty hanging in a window.

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