Monday, April 20, 2009

Trying my hand at printies

Here are some printies that I scanned out of a catalog. I thought they would be cute to use in my saloon. For some reason they look bigger when I uploaded them here, but if you save them onto your computer and then insert them into a word document you can always select the picture and use the arrows to shrink them. Also my computer has a Microsoft Picture Viewer program that lets you shrink pictures by percentages. I used some basswood to make the porch sign more sturdy and it will hang somewhere outside the saloon. I thought the Ben Franklin quote could maybe go inside. I'll have to decide though b/c Franklin lived from 1706 - 1790 and the Sears catalog below has a date on it of 1897. I wonder if Franklin's quotes were popular just 100 years after his death?
I thought the Sears Roebuck catalog was especially cute. I would like to maybe include an outhouse behind the saloon. Here's some cute info that I found out about toilet paper while sitting at the doctor's office the other day.
"It was once common practice in rural America to leave a corncob hanging from a string in the outhouse for purposes of personal hygiene. Apparently the reason to hang it on a string was so that the cob (could) be reused - yuck. Some parts of the country that were flush with corncobs might provide a box of disposable cobs."
"Corncobs and pages torn from newspapers and magazines were commonly used in the early American West. With the rise of the Sears Roebuck company - a catalog company, pages from the catalog were used. As with the cob, the catalog (would) be hung on a string in the outhouse and pages were torn off as needed. When Sears began printing color pictures in the catalog earlier in the 20th century the use of coated stock, which was nonabsorbent, was a source of great concern to farm families, and even produced such humorous spin-offs as the "Rears and Sorebutt" catalog. The Farmer's Almanac had a hole in it so it could be hung on a hook and the pages torn off easily."
- Family Pastime Magazine April 2009 "Yucky News" by I. M. Yuckee (no clue if that is real name or not)
I do not own the copyright to these products, please do not sell or distribute these images - they are for personal use only. I scanned these from magazines, products I bought for my home, layouts, etc. If they are printies from another person's website I will always try to include their info also.

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Kim said...

I never really thought about why that hole was in the corner of the farmer's almanac. I learned something new today! I love the first sign- very cute!!!