Monday, April 6, 2009

New treasures for the saloon

Just a quick post today and a new pic to share. These are my new minis that I bought with my $25 Amazon bucks. They came from and I think they are just great for my saloon! I don't particularly care for the labels on the wine bottles so I may do my own for those. And I can't wait to stuff the little gold cash register full of all that money I cut out! I think I will put XXX on at least one of the corn liquor jars also. Maybe I'll have a sort of hillbilly jugband playing in the corner near the piano! I'll need a metal washboard and an overturned metal washtub with a bow on top! The scissors will be part of my Mom's scrapbooking roombox whenever I get to work on that again and you can't see it as well in this pic but the other item is a brass spittoon - it will go right outside the swinging saloon doors!


Kim said...

Hi! I found your blog from Casey's minis. I have had my dollhouse for awhile, but I am just starting to learn how to make things for it to try to save some money too! I like your ideas! I can't wait to see your saloon as it progresses- it sounds great!

Meli said...

You have great ideas to save money!!! and doing a fantastic work.