Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Beaded curtain

I thought I'd share some projects that I'm working on other than my dollhouse and my minis. I'm making a beaded curtain out of beer bottle caps and hemp. I haven't worked on this in a while, but since the 2nd bedroom has become my sort of craft station I thought I would pull these back out as well.
I've resorted all of the different caps into bags and an empty egg carton so I can make the strands as random as possible. Also as you can see they are sort of out in the middle of the floor - I figure the more I trip over them the more I'll think about working on the curtain. I'm going to attempt to finish a strand a week.
One of David's friends who goes to music festivals with us thinks that I should sell these if I could make enough of them. Depending on how well this first one turns out I may ask a friend of mine who works at a local bar to start keeping their caps for me. I think with enough caps I could make an entire curtain of just Budweiser, or Rolling Rock, or Land Shark (one of my new favorites!) And just in case you were wondering - no, I didn't drink all of these myself. Our apartment tends to be the hangout place for friends and since we recycle the bottles I initially just wanted to find another use for the caps. Here's a small view of the cabinets in our kitchen.
I attached a hook to the cabinet and hung this bucket directly under the bottle opener as a simple way to collect all of the caps. You can't see it in this pic, but my recycling bins for glass, plastic, aluminum, and cardboard are under this cabinet also. I find if you make recycling as easy as possible then it's easier to get the men in your life to do it also!

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Kim said...

Very cool- I can't wait to see it finished!