Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Solution to my unsightly door problem!

So I've been looking online for a outdoor shelf to cover the mess that I made of my cottage.  The cut out goes nearly floor to ceiling on this one side so it had to be something pretty tall.  The picture on the left is a shelf that I found online and fell in love with.  On the right you can see that I made my shelf taller.  I'll be able to store lots of potted plants and gardening tools there.  I like the slats on the back of the shelf because they help to hide that the fact that the siding doesn't line up in this one spot.  I also like the color of the original shelf so I'd like to replicate it if I can figure out how.  It doesn't look stained, it almost looks like some older faded wood was used.  Maybe I'll try an aging technique?

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Annie said...

That shelf looks wonderful, Lisa. You will have so much fun fill it up with plants. I really like the cottage you are creating and can't wait to see you what you do next.


beyondbaffled said...

Thanks! I'm Jessie by the way :) The name of the kit is Lisa's Country Cottage Kit, I haven't figured out who is going to live there yet, so I'm just sticking with the original name for now :)

Kim said...

The shelf looks so awesome- I forgot to come here and comment. You did such an excellent job on it. Maybe cutting that hole was a blessing because you ended up coming up with such a beautiful solution to fix it :)

beyondbaffled said...

Thanks Kim!