Friday, April 26, 2013

A beautiful place in Virginia Part IV

I'm getting towards the end of my photo collection from Virginia  There is only one more set left after this one so I thought today I'd show most of the outdoor pics today.  This first one is looking out the original front door.

Beautiful view isn't it?

A bird's nest that I found on top of some sort of electrical box.

Another beautiful view from the front porch.  I imagine it hasn't changed much since my great-grandmother was there.

A view of the upstairs window and the stone chimney.

This is an odd little door on the opposite side of the chimney above the kitchen area.

And the outhouse - lol!!!

I had to check to be sure, but I always look for nails on the inside of an outhouse.  I like to imagine a used Farmer's Almanac hanging here!

Another one of the outbuildings.  I have no idea what this was used for, but I'm thinking maybe animals?

I can't remember what kind of fruit tree this was, maybe apples, but everyone seemed to be enjoying them.

This is the enormous hill behind the tree and to the right of the front of the house.

A shed at the bottom of the hill behind another beautiful moldy fence.

An old rusted mercury thermometer hanging on the front porch.

A dried-up creek bed at the back of the property.

This was when we began hiking up to the back of the property.  The landscape was quite deceiving, there are small valley-like areas between the hills.

This is looking back about halfway up the hill.  You can just see the edge of the cabin.

Seriously it was so steep!

Another view from partway up the hill.  We really weren't far away from the last photo, but we already couldn't see the cabin anymore.

And finally!  My cousin and I made it to the top of the huge hill on the side of the property.  The view was amazing and so worth the ridiculous climb!  You can see homes down the road, but cannot see the cabin from the top.

A pic looking towards the opposite side of the property, and me of course :)  The only things that normally come up this high are the goats - you can see them in the distance.

The hill itself was not only tall, but also very round and steep.  I had to walk quite a ways down the front of it and then zoom my camera in to get a view of the cabin.

I can't get over how beautiful this place is.  Maybe one day when I hit the lottery I can go back and buy the property.  I think I would add a house on top of the hill where you saw me standing earlier.  I would leave the cabin as-is or maybe restore it as close as possible to original.  Of course my "house-on-the-hill" would need electricity and internet.  Just imagine how well you could see the stars at night...

Happy Friday everyone!

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Kim said...

what gorgeous pictures!! I love that the goats are up there-how cool! I wonder what the purpose was of the small door by the chimney- doesn't it make you wonder? The scenery around the cabin is so amazing.