Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A beautiful place in Virginia Part II

There are about 102 photos in this album so you can probably understand why I only want to upload them so many at a time.  I think blogger gives us an immense amount of photo space, but I'd hate to test that theory!  Anyway here are more photos to enjoy!

This is a pic of a well that was in the front yard of the property with a hand pump.

This is the far side of the house and as you can see they have used a crazy looking wood pole (possibly even a tree that was growing in this spot at one time?) with what I'm guessing is electrical connections?  I'm not sure exactly what these are.  I do know the house had lights so there must be power that is used just when the owners are there.

Another view of the side.  I love the vines growing everywhere :)  There are bricks laying on the ground on this side, but all of these walls are some type of siding.  You can see that these sections of the cabin were added on at a later time.  Notice the odd little door cut into the wall at the top of the corner area.  I have no idea what was up there.  And there was some type of door leading under the house on this side as well.

A closer view of the front of the original cabin.

Inside the front room - a view of the fireplace and mantle.

A view of the stairs in the original part of the cabin.  There is a tiny landing and the stairs have a very tight turn - I'm sure to take up as little room as possible.  I would imagine they were all hand-made and you can tell when walking up them that they are not all the same size.

This is the kitchen at the back of the cabin.  Looking from the outside you can see that this section was added on later.  The cabinets would have been added even later.  If you notice there is no sink.

This door leads to the backyard from the kitchen.  I love this door and I wanted to capture the look of all the peeling paint.  You can see how this section was built against the original cabin.

A variety of things hung on the outside wall of the original cabin.

A lovely old Pepsi bottle, a rusty nail, and some rusty wire sitting on a rusted (what else?!) table just outside the back kitchen door.

And I just loved the horseshoe hanging on the wall.  I love the beautiful rust color against the red of the wall. I think technically a horseshoe is supposed to be hung the other way (as a "U") so that the good luck doesn't fall out, but since this one wasn't hanging over a door it probably doesn't matter :)

More pics from my adventure to come soon.  Happy Wednesday everyone!

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