Friday, April 12, 2013

DIY Dollhouse Bed

Have I mentioned that I love  Well I do!!!  I decided to try out another one of her fabulous tutorials and see if I could improve upon a dollhouse bed that I made a while back.  I think I shared pictures of the original bed somewhere on my blog, but I was just sort of  guessing my way and not trying too hard.

Here is the original platform that I made for my bed.  I used a flat rectangular piece of wood and added popsicle sticks underneath until I thought it was tall enough for a full size bed.  I didn't have a set of box springs for the original bed, the mattress just sat on top of the wood piece.  Definitely not my best piece of work.

So first I wanted to see if I could make something a little more realistic looking.  Since I wanted to have a bed with a dust ruffle I needed just a bed frame with no footboard.  I looked online until I thought I had an idea for a frame. 

My handy Easy-Cutter, a bunch of skinny sticks, and some tacky glue later I had something that looked like it might support a box springs and mattress.

  I flipped the frame over and added skinny sticks to the sides so the box springs will fit snugly.

I used four wooden pots that I had on hand to make feet for the bed.  You can get these at Michael's or Hobby Lobby.

I then cut the original piece of wood in order to make a headboard.  I'd like to find a pretty piece of trim to run along the top and maybe sides of the headboard.

And this is where Kris' tutorial came in.  This link will show you her "No Sew Mattress and Box Springs" tutorial.
Once again this tutorial is so easy to follow!  Perfect for me!  I think my box springs turned out great and they are accurate to scale!

Following her tutorial here is my mattress!  I love it!  The only thing that I haven't added yet is the buttons that she used to put in the little dimpled areas of the mattress.  I don't have a hole punch small enough to make these yet, but I will add them on later.  Here you can see that the headboard definitely needs some sort of pretty trim at least around the top.  Don't you think the fabric looks like a great 70's sort of pattern?

With my box springs on the bed I added a no-sew bed ruffle.  The original one I made wasn't to size so the whole thing had to be reworked.

And here is my mattress on top of the dust ruffle.

This is still a work in progress.  I have measured out enough fabric for my bedsheets, but haven't quite figured out how I want them yet.  I want the comforter pulled down far enough so you can see the sheets so I may have to glue the sheets down at least on the bottom.

Remember me saying no sew?  I hate sewing.  I'm so bad at it.  I have a mini Singer handheld and sometimes I don't even have enough patience to use that.  Casey at has some great pillow tutorials that I am going to try to use.  My real bed has lots of pillows so my dollhouse bed definitely needs them as well!

My camera was being crappy so these next few pics aren't the best.  My original comforter/blanket worked pretty well and only had to be adjusted a little.

Here is a couple of the pillows that I have made so far.  I wanted some pillows cases to match my sheets and some to match the comforter as well.  I want to add a bolster pillow to match the fabric of the dust ruffle, but I will need an empty cardboard tube so that will have to be added later.

The bottoms of the blanket are folded back a bit at the corners and held with a dot of glue.  As you can tell I've got a bit more work to do to re-make my bed into a real mini treasure.  I want to work more on the pillows, the sheets, and also to paint the bed frame itself.  I was thinking maybe white for the frame and a pretty white chest of drawers to match, but that will have to be a project for sometime down the road!

Happy Friday everyone!


FabShabbyRoses said...

You did a great job! I love Kris's tutorials too! She is so talented and so generous to share! Be sure to check all of your punches. You might have an edge punch that has tiny little circles in it!

beyondbaffled said...

Thanks! I was thinking the same thing about the punches, I just need to do some hunting first!

Kim said...

Your bed turned out incredible Jessie!

beyondbaffled said...